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a list of our qualifications

  • Valid C-27 (772505) License Classification  With The  California State License Board
  • Skilled  in design, consultation and installation for custom, theme, large residential and commercial landscapes.
  • Extensive management experience in landscape installation, maintenance, horticulture,  infrastructure, costing, water management, Maxicom management , irrigation design, client relations and labor relations.
  • Skilled in various computer design software (AUTOCAD, Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • Extensive knowledge of plant families  as it pertains or origin , habit , distribution and rainfall / experts on cycads , bromeliads , palms , roses,  cactus, perennials , trees and succulents
  • Extensive contacts and sources of where to find rare and unusual plants , both field collected and cultivated
  • Large library of botanical and horticulture books
  • Bi-Lingual English /Spanish


 the owner's memberships,

affiliations and achievements

1990-1998   Member of the Santa Barbara County Horticultural Society Board Of Directors.
1990-1998    Served on Franceschi Park Restoration Committee/ Chaired for 2 years.

  Organized and participated  in plant research /collecting trips to Mexico , (named species sold at San Marcos Growers), Malaysia, Belize , Costa Rica  and Guatemala, gave several talks on trips taken, helped research new species of cycad/ credit on published paper , photos published  Loran Whitelock's book  "The Cycads" 

1992-1993   Served as Vice President of the Santa Barbara County Horticultural Society
1994-1995    Served as President of the Santa Barbara County Horticultural Society
1994-2020 Installed and maintained own personal botanic collection


 Founding Member of the Santa Barbara Horticulture Consortium


 Recipient of the Santa Barbara County Horticultural Society’s Bouquet of the Year Award
1998-2000   Successfully hand pollinated several cycad species at Ganawalska's  Lotusland
2001-2020 Designed and Consulted for Central / South American Display Garden at Seaside Gardens in Carpinteria , CA