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    We have a unique approach to horticultural consulting.  We try and prevent problems rather than treat and retreat them with chemical band-aids . We are not apposed to applying chemicals to resolve pest and disease issues, but we feel that a comprehensive program for plant health and sustainability are far superior to repeated treatments with harsh herbicides and pesticides. The most effective way for plants to fight insects and disease is to keep them healthy and growing well. In many cases plants or trees can "grow through" an adverse condition with  a good water, soil and fertilizer program.  With  intelligent  diagnosis of  existing problems we can solve them  by correcting horticultural conditions and setting  up a new plant  sustainability  program  that promotes healthy  growth . We can also provide expert pruning advise in every area of the landscape to ensure that all pruning is completed with both aesthetics and horticulture in mind.   In all areas of the garden, our methods have worked and been tested through our extensive experience.

    Our horticultural consultations are very detailed. Our reports will give you step by step instructions on how to reach your landscape goals and correct existing problems as well as prevent new ones from forming. We will give you fertilizer and watering programs that will suite the needs of your specific site and happily answer follow-up questions along the way. We pride ourselves in having long lasting relationships with our clients and want to see their gardens succeed as much as they do.  Horticulture is not just a business at Paramount Gardens , it is a passion! The list below will give you an idea of some  the areas of which we can and have consulted on. Follow the links to see an example of each area.

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Please feel free to visit our contact page  if we  can answer any further questions about our Horticultural Consulting Services.