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     Paramount Gardens offers the latest technology in irrigation water management and irrigation design. Working with the latest software-hardware combinations from Rainbird®,  we are able to design irrigation systems  and manage large and small sites with  extreme confidence. There are many options available for site specific water management.    Larger sites have been using centrally controlled  for years  and the technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to cost effectively use central control irrigation at most  sites. Paramount Gardens is recommended by Rainbird as a qualified water management  company  for their centrally controlled irrigation systems and has been installing and managing Rainbird's Maxicom®  systems for over nine years. We can effectively reduce water consumption and make sure that the landscapes we manage are kept healthy and growing. 

   Water has  become a more precious resource with each passing year and  managing this resource has become of the utmost importance.  The hardware-software combinations that we  use will  fit the needs of your site or sites and  enable us to manage water consumption , rate of flow , watering windows , individually program all stations and so much more than with a  irrigation clock/controller by itself.  This application is ideal for  an HOA that is trying to keep the landscaping looking lush , but is genuinely concerned about making sure that water is not wasted and the irrigation system is running at its most efficient.  Using a calculated formula , the central systems can adjust watering times daily according to weather and climactic conditions. The central control of an irrigation system can drastically reduce water waste and help save from 25%-65% annually in water costs over a regular irrigation control system. In addition , these systems allow a very precise irrigation delivery process that will ensure that each landscaped area is getting the correct amount of water. The  effects of a well designed an well managed irrigation system will be seen in the health and sustainability of plants and trees

    Paramount Garden's owner, Peter Fletcher, has been designing , implementing and managing irrigation systems for over 25 years and can recommend many solutions to solve individual watering problems. A dry spot in a lawn or a swamp in a  planter , we can provide an expert  diagnosis the problem and come up with a knowledgeable solution. Our approach is to make a complete site and system diagnoses and then map and solve problem areas as needed. We can design a new system or refurbish an old one to better suite the needs of an ever evolving landscape. Irrigation systems should have regular periodic checks to assure proper watering and insure that  water waste is eliminated. We can schedule these at regular intervals and make sure that adjustments are made to the systems as the seasons change. There truly is no "Set it and Forget it"  irrigation  system

   We have managed several sites with central control irrigation  systems.  These include the 150 acre Hummingbird Nest site in Simi Valley. This site has been  our  largest and has over 450 valves and 16 controllers. The computerized Maxicom® at this site is managing all valves , booster pumps , water filtration and is also managing the landscape lighting system. This system has flow managing capability  that helps maximize efficiency and reduce watering window times. The system is radio linked from the master controller to all the satellite controllers , thus removing the need to install large runs of very costly cable. This particular system has been running trouble free for over 4 years and has needed only periodic maintenance. We realize that this site seems large , but  be assured that there are many sites quite a bit larger. We can recommend a irrigation management system to fit  the needs of any site whether large or small. Please fell free to visit our contact page to inquire further about our water management services.