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      Paramount Gardens  landscape design services has created many different landscape styles and themes  that, through the years,  have varied as much as our clients individual visions.  We work closely with our clients to make sure that we get a good feel for the client's wants and needs . We start by studying the space or  spaces  , to  come up with  both a creative and practical design.  We  interview the client to see what their vision  is and to get an idea of the feeling or theme that would make their garden a paradise for them. We design a  hard-scape  and planting plan that will fit the site and be horticulturally compatible with the local climate. We can also manage and oversee the project to insure that the quality and integrity of every aspect of the design and vision are adhered to. Consistent follow up visits to ensure that the evolution of each landscape goes smoothly and lives up to our clients expectations.

   We have created many theme or habitat landscapes  that are authentic down to the last detail, but we are equally well versed in 'mixed bag' landscapes for collectors, contemporary modern and  very formal gardens. Large,  small , formal, modern or natural we can create and environment that will fit the architecture of the project and  create spaces that our  clients  will want to spend much of their time.

    The  design process we use emphasizes detail and quality. This  method  of design execution enables Paramount Gardens to provide design services for our clients on a  very diverse palette  of unique and challenging projects. We utilize the latest computerized rendering and drawing techniques to help our clients see a realistic perspective of a project before construction starts. This helps insure we can deliver the best product possible. Our experience in installation techniques as well as design gives us the ability  to  provide quality value engineering and  help save on  the associated costs of a project. We can manage a project from conceptual design through completion with confidence and integrity so that or clients feel taken care of and that they received value for every dollar spent.

 Please feel free to visit our portfolio page and look at some of the samples of our design work and then visit the contact page to inquire further about our design services.